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A Closer Look ~ the M.A. Top

A Closer Look ~ the M.A. Top

Now remade in a beautiful 55% Hemp 45 % Organic Cotton fabric


If you've been following the Lights of All brand for a while now, you know about our M.A. styles. Inspired by Martial Arts uniformes, I debuted this style in our first collection with the M.A. Coat and the now sold out Short (sleeved) M.A. Coat. 

From the start they were my favorite styles, I love how they are a unique take on the wrap idea and really stood out from other types of coats. I noticed a lot of people would try on the Short (sleeved) M.A. Coat and were wanting to wear it as a top or a tunic. So, this summer I decided to rework the M.A. style into a top version in an ultra soft, lightweight 100% Organic Cotton.

One of my favorite things about the M.A. Top is that there are so many different ways to wear it, here you have the Ivy wearing it in the classical way, but it's not the only one! 
Instead of wrapping the different sides around your waist, you could just tie a big bow at the front, you could also wrap them around once and tie the bow at the back. If the bow is too girly for you, feel free to tie a knot and leave the rest hang, the styling is all up to you!

The M.A. Top is made from a 100% Organic Cotton double gauze, which is a very light weight and breathable material. It is on the gentler side so be careful when wearing and washing. Pointy rings and jewelry could snag the fabric and aggressive movements can pull at the seams. Wash in cold water on a gentle setting and Iron with a medium heat if necessary. 

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P.S this top looks killer in high waisted jeans! :)

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