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A closer look:Aces Dress

A closer look:Aces Dress

I'm starting a new little blog series called 'A closer look' - I have so many things to talk about when it comes to the clothing I make but I don't want to bore you in the product description. So here's a little supplemental reading about the clothes of our collection! :) 
The first one ever will be on the Aces Dress !

The Aces Dress is made from a 100% Tencel fabric in Navy blue. What is Tencel you may ask? Tencel is a half natural/ half man-made fibre - its one of the most sustainable materials out there! The natural part is sustainably harvested trees, the wood is ground into a pulp and made into a fibre thanks an eco-friendly process.

The result is a silk-like softness and shine - but more breathable. So if you are vegan like me, and are looking for a fibre/fabric that resembles silk - Tencel is or you! Keep in mind it can also be called Lyocell, Rayon or Modal. These are all different grades of the same process. Just to give you an idea - the supplier I use just changed the name of the Tencel materials I was buying to Lyocell. (So those two names are basically interchangeable)

For the style itself, I wanted to make a dress you could easily wear to a wedding but also be able to casualize it for everyday wear - or at least date night or something in your life that isn't a wedding :P  I also know that when you are at a wedding there's a lot of drinking and eating involved. So I didn't want the dress to be skin tight or restrictive. I think the best evening dress is flattering but allows you to enjoy your night and not be constantly thinking about your bloated belly! So that's exactly what I did with the Aces Dress - It's a little looser around the body but still has a flattering shape and of course, the slit at the front - the perfect length to show a little leg while walking/dancing but not so much that your entire crotch will show when you sit down (don't you hate it when that happens!?)

The Dress also has a small side invisible zipper for your entry ease ;) And since It's a bit hard to find a bra that won't show - I recommend using double sided tape to make sure no slippage happens :)

The Aces Dress is now sold out.

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