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Exploring AGO

Exploring AGO

Since moving to Toronto, my boyfriend and I try to discover a new part of the city each weekend. I had heard a little bit about the Art Gallery of Ontario and I kind wanted to go just to check out the architecture of the gallery itself! Obviously fell involve with the Canadian art section inside!!


We visited on a particularly hot day, so my head to toe Organic Linen & Organic Cotton outfit was working overtime. I love how the fabric absorbs the heat while I'm outside but I don't freeze indoors because of the AC.

We spent most of our time in the Canadian arts section. However we did make our way to the other wing where the spiral staircase is an art piece of its own.

I mean come on, look at that!!

With ethical fashion and amazing local art, you can't really go wrong right?
I am wearing the To & Fro Top,  Freedom Pant and the Golden Sands Shibori Tote

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