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Upcycled Collection Part 4 Launches this Friday

Upcycled Collection Part 4 Launches this Friday

Upcycled Part 4 launches this Friday, July 23rd!

I am so excited for this one because it features a new initiative with the upcycled collection! I made three patchwork dresses out of remnants and scraps from the main collection. I think they turned out so great!

The collection also features the usual up cycled t-shirts! This time I did some with our shell print from SS21 as well.

It also includes an item made from a style we had that was not selling.
We had one more Anorak Flow in stock for YEARS. It really wasn't moving, even on sale so I decided to make it into this super cute pouch purse!

The Upcycled Collection will be available online July 23rd. We are also continuing with our First Dibs system on instagram for sizes XL and up. @lights.of.all

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