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Hawai'i part 3

One of my favorite things about Hawai'i is the diverse landscape. You can go from lush forests and mountains, to dry patches of cacti, to bright blue wavy oceans. All of my favorite things :) Here I'm wearing the Cover Kimono with the Every Tank (part of our next collection) and a linen skirt I found in my mum's closet that she doesn't wear anymore. I'm also using my Shibori Tote as a purse - this one is the sky color, now sold out. But we still have one left in Golden Sands!  

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Hello! In case you didn't know - I just came back from a two week vacation in Hawaii! It was so great - much needed and appreciated break from reality :) But now I'm back and got lots to share with you!!Here I'm wearing the Key Maxi Dress over my bathing suit :) While we were taking photos this sweet dog came out from the beach! She's was so cute and happy :) I also used my Robe Coat as a bathing suit cover. The fabric is so light and soft and it was perfect for protecting my burnt shoulders from the...

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