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Our favorite Canadian Slow Fashion Brands

Our favorite Canadian Slow Fashion Brands

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet many other Canadian small business owners, specifically other brands making slow fashion or sustainable fashion too! I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of my favorite Canadian Slow Fashion Brands!

MAS Montreal
Mas montreal amsterdam sweater

MAS Montreal by Mckenna Bisson is such an awesome brand focusing on deconstructing beauty standards and self expression. Mckenna has become such an amazing peer for me as a small business owners and we bond over our community over competition approach. I adore this sweater from her current collection! Everything from MAS is made in Montreal by Mckenna and her team, love it!

Connally McDougall 
Connally Mcdougall
Connally is another LOA bestie! We have bonded over our struggles and wins as small brands and designers and she is just an incredible human being. Her brand offers infinite sizing which is just *chefs kiss* and I look up to her so much for her inclusivity. Sustainable, slow, small batch fashion at it's finest! 

Free Label
free label grant pant
Although I've never met Jess in real life before, I have been following her brand, Free Label since I started LOA! If you are looking for loungewear or any sort of comfy knitwear, look no further! I have been a cheerleader, watching her brand grow and I just love the team and their approach! Size inclusive, slow, sustainable and made in Canada, MAGIC!

Copious fashions
 I met Carissa at my very first One of A Kind show! I fell in love with her upcycling and needlework! She is such an amazing brand owner I just love everything she does! One of my favorite parts of her brand is her no labels, just vibes where she upcycles previously owned styles and embroiders them with the slogan, no labels just vibes. Genderless, sustainable, slow fashion, made in Canada by Carissa herself, wonderful!

I have so many other wonderful brands to share, but for now I'll leave you with these! There are so many awesome creators here in Canada making unique and high quality fashion with amazing ethics behind them. It's been such a pleasure connecting with these brands. 
And don't forget about us, Lights of All! Making vegan, sustainable, ethical and slow fashion here in Toronto! 

Until next time!


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