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LOA Second Hand

LOA Second Hand

Edit: So happy to say that the drop is all sold out! Stay tuned for the next round, coming in the fall! Thank you so much for making the second hand collection a success!

LOA second hand is the newest part of our 'Upcycled Collection' where we try to create circularity in our own brand as well as repurposing other second hand items.

I personally had some Lights of All pieces that I don't wear as much or they no longer fit. Trying this out with a first selection of items.

All items are previously worn by me, some more worn than others - all will have information and photos. Sizes are small and medium since those were/are my sizes.

I also want to facilitate any other reselling of LOA styles so I can help you find new homes for your past purchases - DM me any info and I will reshare them in our instagram stories! @lights.of.all

Launching June 1st 2023

This is my first go at this so I will tweak or change things as we go.

This will be a temporary drop for the month of JUNE and if there are styles remaining I will remove them at the end of the month and save them for the next round.

Happy to accept any feedback on this process!

My main goal is to offer LOA styles at more affordable prices and I think a second hand drop is such a great way to do that. Everything is under 100$ and items that are on the higher end of that are because I might have worn it once and the condition is still very very good!

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