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Fauna Foundation

Fauna Foundation

Lights of All is really all about making the world a better place for animals (human and non-human) and taking care of the planet. As part of our efforts to reach these goals we are starting a donation program.
Fauna Foundation
10% of all our profits starting now, will be donated to Fauna Foundation

Fauna Foundation is an animal sanctuary for farm and domestic animals and former zoo and biomedical research chimpanzees. The sanctuary is a permanent home for the animals where they are free from any sort of exploitation and receive the care and love they deserve. The foundation is also dedicated to education and environmental protection. 

Fauna Foundation is a protected 200 acres of land which is home to its official residents as well as surrounding wildlife. They house chimpanzees, monkeys, cows, a horse, a donkey and more lovely animals totalling at about 80!

We are so excited about this donation program and we truly believe that Fauna Foundation is doing amazing work for the animals and are happy to help support this work!

You can learn more about Fauna, their events or donate directly to them on their website by clicking here

All images taken from the Fauna Foundation Website

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