Golden Sands Shibori Tote

$25.00 CAD

This tote is available in a Small size and Large size.
The Small measures 26 cm x 36 cm and the Large 58 cm x 36 cm 

The LOA totes are made from 100% OEKO-TEX 100 certified organic cotton. It's dyed using low-impact fiber reactive dyes. These are dyed using Shibori dye techniques. Because of the nature of the dyeing technique each bag has a slightly different print- the photos you see may not be exactly the same as the tote you get.

The colors of the totes are different from the main collection because we used dyes that were used for tests. This means we were not able to use them to reach the colors we wanted for the main color palette. Instead of the dyes sitting around gathering dust, we decided to get some use out of them :)

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