Envelope Winter Coat | Solstice

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Product Description:
Waxed Cotton wrap coat with inner zipper, d-ring side tie, front pockets and hood.

This super warm winter coat is made of a waxed cotton shell which is water repellent. It's lined with a 100% Tencel super soft lining and is insulated with PrimaLoft insulation*. The grey color of the waxed cotton makes it so that each crease shows, therefore each coat is 100% unique. If you wish to iron out these creases you need to put a paper over the spot you want to iron, if not the iron will ruin the wax finishing.

Inspired by being wrapped up in a cozy sleeping bag, this above the knee coat is perfect for everyday use.  There are waist level pockets in the lining and front chest pockets.

Because of the waxed cotton, this coat is not machine washable. Spot clean when necessary by lightly brushing over the waxed cotton with a damp sponge and be sure to hang the garment in a dry place. Again, if you wish to iron the waxed cotton be sure to place a paper between the garment and iron. If it is ironed directly to the waxed cotton it will ruin the finish.


Dorcas & Lea are wearing Size Medium & Small.
Dorcas is 5'6" & Lea is 5'5".

Size Variations of Garment Laying Flat:

Small  54 cm  51 cm  56 cm  89 cm
Medium  57.5 cm 56.5 cm  60 cm  89 cm
Large 61 cm 59.5 cm 63 cm 89 cm


 *To learn more about Primaloft insulation click here.
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