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Multi-Purpose Pouches | Set of 3

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Multi-purpose pouches with hand printed shell print, drawstring closure.

This set of pouches are perfect for use as produce bags, laundry bag for delicate items, or to pack undergarments or your bathing suit while traveling!
We usually include a pouch like this with your order, they are made from fabric remnants from the collection. These, though, are made a little more special, we added our hand printed shell print to them! 

Each pouch varies in sizes but they are approximately 12" by 14", maybe smaller, maybe bigger.

100% Oeko - Tex certified Linen

The Print
The Shell Print was designed and hand printed by me, and I commissioned an artist to help carve out the printing blocks for me! Shout out to Erin! 
Given the nature of hand printing, there may be some imperfections on some of the shells, be it a lighter color or some little extra spots of ink around the shell.