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*Imperfect* Field Skirt - size large

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These *imperfect* Field Skirts have the same cut and fit as our official once.

It's really the inside finishing that makes them imperfect. I was having a bad day and was pushing through sewing anyways. I didn't have a perfect match for the thread yet either. So the thread is slightly pink and the overlocking and stitching is not as good or perfect as I would like. On the outside you will never tell and they are just as sturdy as the other. It's just not as nice on the inside - I didn't feel right selling them at full price.

So here they are! Our first ever *imperfect sale*
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

Boutaïna is wearing size Small and is 5'6" and Rayanne is wearing size XXL.

Small 69 cm 112 cm 126 cm 85 cm
Medium 74 cm 124 cm 132 cm 85 cm
Large 82 cm 128 cm 142 cm 86 cm
XL 90 cm 134 cm 148 cm 87 cm
XXL 94 cm 146 cm 152 cm 87 cm

Size Chart is for the garment, these measurements should not be your exact measurements, but allow for some ease and room for comfort.

Free returns exclusively for sizes XS, XL, XXL & 3XL. If you wish to return, please let us know so we can send you your shipping label. 


Each garment has two tags, the brand + size label at the neckline and the fiber content info on the bottom side. Our tags are made from 100% organic cotton and do not have any shine or stickiness to them. If you are sensory sensitive and prefer clothing with no tags, we would be happy to remove them for you.

Since our clothing is mainly made from natural fibres, they do require ironing after cleaning. If you are unable to iron, I suggest that after you hang to dry, pop them into the dryer for a few minutes to fluff it up to relieve some of the wrinkles.

If you have any specific needs/concerns about the clothing, fit, fabric please do not hesitate to email me at, I will be happy to adjust the style as much as possible to make sure you are comfortable and happy.