LOA Gift Guide!

'Tis the season of gift giving! 
To make things easier for you, we've prepared a gift guide for you! 


Totes are such great gifts because anybody and everybody needs something to hold their stuff! From gym clothes, laptop, ipads, books, groceries, water bottles, these totes carry it all! 

 LOA Dress 

At 90$ (at 15% off when you sign up to our newsletter) The Skyglow Tuque is a great holiday gift - it's hand knit with a super soft bamboo and nylon blend. 
The Criss-Cross Dress and the Every Dress are both at 100$ and make for great gifts! Especially for someone who is heading South for the winter break!


The Short M.A. Coat and the Cover Maxi Vest are two of our best sellers. We still have a few left in stock, on sale, which are perfect basic pieces that fit nicely into any wardrobe.
The Every Flow Maxi and the Selene Nebula Dress and really popular because of their unique hand-dyed prints. Each of them is hand dyed individually, so they are truly one of a kind pieces. Such special gifts for someone who loves colors and prints!
The Robe dress is perfect for holiday parties, and to wear open over jeans or as an everyday dress as well!


  Anorak Pullover  Lights of All

Know someone who still doesn't have a winter coat?
Our two completely vegan and ultra warm winter coats make for amazing gifts! 
If you live in a warmer climate, the Anorak Pullover, The Long Cover Coat and the M.A. Coat are great styles to wear on cooler days!

Montrealers, if you need your order right away and don't want to pay for quicker shipping, you can always come and get your item directly from us!
All you need to do is email us and schedule a time for pick up! (we're in NDG - but can always meet you a little closer to where you are!)

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