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I discovered Sushi Momo about a year ago and it instantly became one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Montreal! Part of why I love it so much is because it used to be a non-vegan restaurant but they changed!! Progress people - it happens! :)

I grew up eating sushi - its my favourite type of food, but since going vegan I was always disappointed with vegan options - avocado roll, cucumber roll... SO boring. Sushi Momo is anything but boring, they make such beautiful and innovative rolls that are a full palette of flavors and textures.
My favorite apetizers are the tartars, pictured here is the beet one (my favorite) and there is also a mushroom one which is also delicious! 

The've recently moved to a new location which is just beautiful (although anything would have been a step up from the cramped basement they were in before)

La Vie En Rose is one of my favorite rolls - beet based again (I guess I love beets) its so earthy and sweet and it just melts in your mouth - and its so beautiful! :)
L'enfer 2.0 is another favorite, its a layered spicy treat (and I don't usually like spicy) very hard to eat but so so good!  (sorry for the picture quality the lighting in there isn't very photo-friendly)

If looking at the menu of options make you indecisive you can also opt for the chef selected 25 pcs - or any other of their set options.

My other favorites are the Jacque Epice (spicy jack fruit) or any of the other jackfruit rolls actually! and the Sushi Pizza!!
We also ordered the Chimi Masamune (which was my boyfriend's choice) and it didn't live up to the other rolls we got. I would say, if you are less adventurist it'll be good for you.. but I wouldn't order it again. (but it was good!)

I highly recommend you make a reservation - especially for weekends - this place is always packed when I go!

Check out more of their menu and make reservations at http://www.sushimomo.ca/
Located at 

3609 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3L6 



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