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Copper Branch is a great fast food vegan restaurant. They've multiplied so much in Montreal within the last two years that no matter where I am, if I'm hungry and in a hurry, there's one nearby!

Copper Branch burgers

I've tried many meals of their menu and here are my favorites:
The General Copper Bowl - its like their version of general tao, with some red cabbage and broccoli. YUM My grandma who is very weary of my vegan diet LOVES it so much when I went to visit her once she specifically asked for it again.
The Beet Burger and the Mushroom Galaxy are my favorite burgers.
But as I might have said before, I'm a sandwich gal at heart so my tops are all sandwiches. The tofu and roasted veggie one is amazing and so is the Shiitake Teryaki (pictured above).
The bombay soup is pretty good. I feel like I make a similar one that I prefer but this one comes in pretty damn close.
I've also had the burrito from the 'grab and go' menu and it was delicious too!
So far from the sides I've had the buffalo wings (probably one of the best things on the menu) and the fries, which are spiced and yummy.
Things to avoid:
So far only one thing on the menu was kind of a disappointment and that was the Aztec bowl. It sounds good on the description but I couldn't even finish it cause I wasn't enjoying it. 

I love Copper Branch as an easy fast food place so I feel like that makes my standards lower than like actual serious sit-down restaurants. With that said, there are some great options on the menu so if you have one near you, I recommend you try it. But it's not a place I would tell you to venture out and put effort into going to. If it's there, go in, if its far, then don't sweat it.

To check out the menu and look for locations click here

Selene Dress

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